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How to Get Relic Token on 8 Ball Pool

Aug 12, 2022
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❤️ Relic Quest ❤️

(8 Ball Pool)

IMG 20220812 232528
Get Relic Token on 8 Ball Pool

🎱 Welcome to the Relic Quest!

The Relic Quest is a brand new 8 Ball Pool event running alongside Olympus Season from July 27 until  Aug 17!

How to Play

Everyone can play FREE!

Just look out for your Relic Quest Welcome Message when you log in from July 27.

From then on… you can collect Tokens from Relic Quests and 8 Ball Pool gameplay to claim rare relic rewards in the mysterious Bazaar!

IMG 20220812 232552
How to Get Relic Token on 8 Ball Pool

📜 About Tokens

Tokens are exclusive to the Relic Quest event and you’ll want to collect as many as you can!

The easiest way to collect Tokens is completing your weekly Relic Quests.

Luckily for you, Tokens can also be collected by simply playing 8 Ball Pool during the Relic Quest event. The Spin and Win, the Olympus Season Free/Premium Pool Pass Lanes and even the Olympus Season Showdown will all award Tokens.

IMG 20220812 232528
Free Relic Token on 8 Ball Pool

📜 About Relic Quests

Relic Quests are available for everyone during each week of the event.

Completing Relic Quests will reward Tokens you can exchange for rare relics in the Bazaar.

Look out for special offers after completing your Relic Quests to claim as many Tokens as possible!

📜 About The Bazaar

The Bazaar is a mysterious new shop filled with rare relics, including the RARE Lost Luminous Cue… the very first animated Cue from December 2020!

However, the Bazaar will only stay open until Aug 17 and ONLY trades in Tokens.

You’ll need to collect as many Tokens as you can to rack up every relic on offer.

📜 Your Relic Quest Begins Here!

The Relic Quest has already started and heaps of rare relics are within your reach!

Time to hit the tables, stock up on Tokens and rack up every relic reward!


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