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How Do You Play 8 Ball Pool on iMessage

Dec 31, 2023
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Playing 8 ball pool on iMessage involves using the GamePigeon app! Here’s how:

Setting Up:
Download GamePigeon: Open a message thread, tap the “>” icon beside the text field, then tap the “A” icon. Scroll down and tap “Store” to search for GamePigeon. Download and install it.
Enable 8 Ball Pool: Go back to the message thread, tap the “>” icon again, and select the GamePigeon icon (joystick symbol). Swipe through the available games and tap “Edit” at the top. Under “More Apps,” toggle on “8 Ball Pool.”
Playing the Game:
Start a Game: In the message thread, tap the “>” icon, select GamePigeon, and choose “8 Ball Pool.” Tap the send button to invite your friend to play.
Taking Turns: The game will run turn-by-turn within the message thread. When it’s your turn, you’ll see the pool table and aiming tools. Drag the white “cue ball” stick to aim, adjust power with the line above the ball, and tap to shoot.
Winning the Game: To win, you must legally pocket all your assigned balls (solids or stripes) followed by the 8-ball. Avoid scratching (pocketing the cue ball) or committing fouls, as your opponent gets an advantage.
Additional Tips:
Communicate with your friend: Use the message thread to strategize and chat during the game.
Learn the rules: Brush up on the official 8 ball pool rules to avoid confusion.
Practice makes perfect: Play more games to improve your aiming and shot selection.
Have fun playing 8 ball pool on iMessage! Feel free to ask if you have any more questions.


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